14 Hilarious Tweets About John Travolta Presenting at VMA Awards


Poor John Travolta. The “Grease” actor did it again at the MTV VMA Awards on Monday night (Aug. 26.) He went viral when he mistakenly presented Jade Jolie, a Taylor Swift drag queen, with Taylor’s Video of the Year award, instead of giving it to Taylor herself.

It’s an honest mistake, right? Jade is afterall a Taylor Swift drag queen.  So in all fairness, she’s supposed to look like Taylor. John just got caught up in the moment and turned to the first woman that looked like Taylor. We get it.

However, the internet was not as forgiving.

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Meme’s and hilarious tweets followed as John made another flub. He might have gotten away with it if it was his first time. But we all remember, 5 years ago, when John took the stage to introduce Idina Menzel by calling her Adele Dazeem. Well, the internet never forgets.

Here are 14 hilarious tweets about John Travolta on the VMA Awards.

1. John Travolta trying to find Taylor Swift


2. Me checking Twitter to make sure that John Travolta is okay.

3. Petition for John Travolta to hand awards out at every ceremony from now on please. From calling Idina Menzel – Adele Dazeem and giving trying to congratulate a drag queen instead of Taylor Swift, he’s the hero we need.

4. 5 years since Adele Dazeem and John Travolta is still nailing it at the award shows

5. John Travolta becoming the white Steve Harvey just in a day and he bald too.

6. John Travolta is giving me major Lex Luthor vibes @ the VMAs. JS.

7. John Travolta without hair is unnerving.

8. At the next awards show John Travolta should not only announce all of the winners, he should also have to go into the audience and present it to the person he thinks it is.

9. When you become the source of another John Travolta gaffe. #VMAs #DragRace

10. Honestly, living for the fact that John Travolta’s legacy won’t be any of his roles, but rather his inability to know who the fuck anyone is#VMAs

11. brb gonna see if I can get John Travolta to give me Blake Griffin’s Rookie of the Year award

12. Good morning, let’s quit letting a John Travolta present at award shows.

13. Come on, #JohnTravolta couldn’t do anything worse than mispronouncing a name wrong right…..

14. #JohnTravolta ” Ant the VMA goes to… Swayta Lift “