17 Names Every Country Music Fan Has Considered Naming Their Children


Country music fans are just different, right? Country music fans are more loyal to artists, still buy albums and relate to the music more than most fans.

Some country music fans are so invested in their favorite genre of music they name their kids after their favorite artists. Or even songs. (Even country music artists name their kids after their favorite artists!)

17 Names Every Country Music Fan Has Considered Naming Their Children:

1. Hank

Two legends, one name.

2. Fancy

There’s only one Reba, so you gotta for some in homage to the queen.

3. Brooks

If you grew up loving Brooks & Dunn and Garth Brooks, this totally works. If you have two boys you can name the other Dunn or Garth.

4. Lynn

Short for Loretta.

5. Jolene

When you say her name, you can sing, “Jo-lene, Jo-lene, Jolene, Jooooleeeeeeene.”

6. Merle

7. Cash

8. Jennings

The only sure-fire way to make sure you raise a total badass kid.

9. June

For all the Carters.

10. Springsteen

But, only because of Eric Church.

11. Ryman

Your child will always know about the Mother Church.

12. Rayna

She may be a fictional character, but she’s a damn good one.

13. Cheyenne

Like the beaches.

14. Bentley

It’s better than Dierks’ real name, which is Fred and the car, too.

15. Campbell

You call him or her, “Rhinestone” for short.

16. Delta Dawn

Double names are still popular in the South.

17. Traveller

People are going to be talking about that album for a really long time.

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