20 Times Thomas Rhett and His Wife Lauren Gave Us Intense Relationship Goals


Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are probably (definitely) the cutest couple in country music. Not only are they both incredibly good looking and incredibly photogenic, they sincerely love each other and would consider themselves to be best friends. If you follow either of them on Instagram, you’ll notice a trend. Almost every other photo on both of their accounts is either of them hanging out, them at the beach, them cooking dinner, them eating dinner, them with their friends, them bragging on each other — you get the picture. They’re super duper in love. And who doesn’t love love?

A while back Thomas even wrote a song about his wife Lauren called “Die a Happy Man.” The heartfelt lyrics talk about the love and affection he has for his wife and if he never gets to see the great wonders of the world, he’ll be fine as long as her hand is in his — so sweet.

“I wrote it for and about my wife,” he explains in an interview with AXE Stage Pass. “It’s definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve written in my whole writing career.”

This song is one of our favorites too and definitely adds fuel to our relationship goals fire.

20 Times Thomas Rhett and His Wife Gave Us Intense Relationship Goals:

1. When they cooked Thanksgiving dinner together and looked cute doing it.

2. When they hung out at the ocean in the fall and Lauren’s caption was #happylaur.

3. When Thomas and Lauren when out to dinner and he called her “hot chick.”

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4. When they dressed up as Woody and Jessie from “Toy Story” for Halloween.

5. When Thomas took this video of Lauren eating oysters just because he loves her.

6. When they spent their anniversary snuggling on the couch.

7. When Lauren tied Thomas’ bow tie for him because he didn’t know how.

8. When Lauren posted this Instagram just to brag on Thomas.

9. When they picked pumpkins together and looked gorgeous doing it.

10. When they went to Big Sur and looked like locals.

11. When they took this perfect candid photo.

12. When they took this pic under a surf board.

13. When they were just normal people in the audience of a Rolling Stones concert.

14. When they casually took their dogs for a walk before the CMT awards.

15. When they took a selfie with Cinderella’s Castle just like the rest of us.

16. When Lauren posted this picture of them when they were 13-years-old.

17. When Lauren flew to Illinois so she could have Valentines with Thomas.

18. When they both looked incredibly cute in beanies.

19. When they wore these (really) tacky Christmas sweaters.

20. And of course when they had the most adorable wedding ever.

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Image Source: Instagram