12 Cutest Wedding Moments of 2016

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Although 2016 hasn’t been my favorite year, it has been a pretty good one for weddings and wedding moments.

From Tom Hanks and Justin Timberlake crashing weddings, to Randy Houser‘s precious wedding video, to Millie Taylor-Morrison getting married, there have been a lot of aww-worthy moments these past 12 months.

12 Cutest Wedding Moments of 2016:

1. Tom Hanks the Wedding Crasher

Remember when Tom Hanks joined this couple’s wedding picture in Central Park?

2. Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson’s Second Wedding

After secretly getting married before the Rio Olympics, Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson had a beautiful second wedding in Mexico.

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My best friend…. I love you!!

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3. Justin Timberlake the Wedding Crasher

Much like Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake ran into this couple while they were getting married in New Hampshire.

4. The 83-Year-Old Flower Grandpa

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

5. Randy Houser’s Wedding Video

Randy Houser’s wedding video was beautiful, touching and definitely tear-jerking.


6. Chris Stapleton Gave This Bride the Best Surprise

After buying tickets to Chris Stapleton’s show, this couple realized that their wedding was on the same day. Long story short, the bride was surprised with a Chris meet and greet — it was the sweetest thing ever.

7. Rebecca Robertson‘s Mexican Wedding

Rebecca Robertson got married to the love of her life, John Reed Loflin, in Mexico. It was beautiful.

8. Millie Taylor-Morrison Gets Married

Basically, Millie Taylor-Morrison got married at the age of 86, and she looked absolutely stunning.

9. The 9-Year-Old Wedding Photographer

Regina Wyllie, a Scotland-based 9-year-old wedding photographer, has become a big name in the world of picture taking.

When she was just three years old, Regina started tagging along with her father, professional photographer Kevin Wyllie. One day, she dropped her toy and picked up a Canon G9 — and the rest is history.




10. This Surprise Father-Daughter Dance

This is just adorable.

11. Taylor Swift Pulls Maid of Honor Duty

Remember when Taylor Swift was the maid of honor at her longtime BFF’s Britney’s wedding? It was beautiful.


12. These Flower Grandmas

I mean…