4 Times Frankie Ballard Tried To Melt His Guitar Strings

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Frankie Ballard is making a name for himself not only as a country singer, but also as a guitar slinger. The Michigan native isn’t the first crooner with a love for the electric guitar. Frankie follows the revered footsteps of Vince Gill, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. His solos and guitar licks can be on the majority of his tunes and witnessed up close and personal during his live shows. And, as with any profession, Frankie is extremely passionate about his tools. And nothing beats keeping up with the gear of your idols.

Doc said give it 3 weeks before you play guitar…with all due respect, suck it homie⚡️#AnythingGoesTour #YoungAndCrazy

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Over the years, Frankie has amassed quite a collection vintage and new guitars for his personal and professional use. Granted, he shows them some tough love. You’d be hard pressed to find one of Frankie’s guitars that doesn’t have some nicks in the wood from his belt buckle or that hasn’t had the gold plating washed away by a few beers. But it’s the chips and the wear and tear that shows they’re loved and used for what they were made to: set fire to everything from clubs to stadiums.

One of the most important is his Les Paul Arlene, which is autographed by blues guitarist Buddy Guy and honky-tonk legend David Allan Coe. In addition to its famous decor, the guitar has a thicker neck than other guitars, which Frankie explains makes it earlier to play as the night goes on.

However, his Heritage Millennium Ultra wins for best story as to how he acquired it. 

When Frankie isn’t on stage or in the studio, sometimes he drinks a little too much coffee and tries to set his guitar strings on fire.

4 Times Frankie Ballard Tried to Melt His Guitar Strings:

The swift-fingered Frankie got his start playing music in his garage with his dad, but has since celebrated two No. 1 hit singles and is currently in the studio working on new music.

Image Source: Instagram