45 Places Ronnie Dunn Could Kiss You and the VIDEO

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In Ronnie Dunn’s song, “Kiss You There,” he runs through a list of geographical places he could (theoretically) kiss you. A lot of these places are exotic, a bit extreme and not attainable to the everyday person. So, here’s our list of places Ronnie Dunn could kiss you.

  1. Jumping out of a plane.

  2. In the middle of Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

  3. Inside of a Walmart in front of the rotisserie chickens near the self-checkouts.

  4. In front of the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

  5. Outside of a Walmart, directly under the sign at night.

  6. At a truck stop on I-35, near Waco.

  7. By a lake.

  8. On the porch at a Cracker Barrel, right after you strolled through the gift shop.

  9. At a mall food court.

  10. Headed south on the New Jersey Turnpike.

  11. Inside of a McDonald’s.

  12. In a Chili’s at the bar.

  13. In the security line at an airport.

  14. At a football game, during halftime.

  15. At the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida.

  16. In the historical fiction section of the Mobile Public Library.

  17. At the What-a-Burger on Guadalupe Street in Austin.

  18. Inside of the BOK Center in Tulsa.

  19. At the Big Dog outlet store in Branson, Missouri.

  20. At a football game, in between the 3rd and 4th quarters.

  21. At a Luke Bryan concert.

  22. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

  23. In between the Hedges at Sanford Stadium.

  24. At any Six Flags amusement park.

  25. In a movie theater.

  26. In a bakery, while buying some cookies.

  27. On a school bus.

  28. At that one antique store you always wanted to stop at at that one exit on I-40 in Tennessee.

  29. On top of the roof of the county courthouse in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.

  30. In your car.

  31. In his car.

  32. While waiting in line for a flu shot at a Walgreen’s.

  33. In Montgomery, Alabama at midnight.

  34. Where the Mississippi meets the Gulf, in New Orleans.

  35. In front of a fireplace.

  36. In the binder aisle at Staples.

  37. Near the world’s largest ball of twine.

  38. Backstage at a George Strait concert.

  39. During the middle of a yoga class.

  40. In Cancun, on the beach.

  41. In the back of a truck, during a safari in Africa.

  42. In a garden.

  43. Center field of Turner Field in Atlanta.

  44. On the doorstep of Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West.

  45. Inside of the Country Outfitter Flagship store in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Image Sources: Ron Dauphin via Compfightcc, RubioBuitrago via Compfightcc, bmward_2000 via Compfightcc

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