5 Country Music Songs About Pot

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Weed has long been a topic in country music. Whether the main topic of the tune or just a side note, country singers are no strangers to pot. Here are five songs that are about the illegal substance.

1. “Boys from Oklahoma”

Cross Canadian Ragweed let it all hang out with their fan favorite, “Boys from Oklahoma.” “Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong,” the song declares before moving on to other states and their smoking habits.

2. “Weed Instead of Roses”

Smoking pot has never sound sweeter than when Ashley Monroe released this tune. The song, which is about spicing up a marriage, has the wife suggesting they send the kids to grandma’s and light up.

3. “Get High”

Brandy Clark’s contribution to this list is much in the same vein of Monroe’s as it tells the tale of a woman who needs to “get high” in order to “get by.”

4. “Weed With Willie”

An ode to an icon. Sort of. Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick recount the mistake they made to try and keep up with Willie Nelson and his top shelf ganja.

5. “Smoke a Little Smoke”

For the first few verses, you could make the argument that this song isn’t necessarily about pot, but it’s undeniable when you get to the lines, “Dig down deep, find my stash / Light it up, memory crash.”