5 Country Music Videos to Get Over Winter

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As another round of winter weather gears up to hit something like 40 states over the coming days– I’m officially over it. I don’t need summer or the beach or anything like that, I just need to be able to leave my house without feeling like I’ll never be warm again. While I sit here wearing multiple pairs of socks, I’m watching these country music videos to help my (never-ending) winter blues.

Alan Jackson // “Chattahoochee”

Even blue jeans aren’t enough to keep warm right now. But, Alan Jackson’s tenacity in this video is helping the mood.

Little Big Town // “Pontoon”

A pontoon would get stuck in ice right now, but the mountains are definitely blue, so there is that.

Jake Owen // “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”

I can’t even be barefoot in my own house– it’s that cold.

Keith Urban // “Long Hot Summer”

Ha! This actually seems like a cruel joke.

Kacey Musgraves // “Follow Your Arrow”

Palm trees! Cacti! I will follow my arrow there.

Image Source: YouTube