5 Life Lessons From Darius Rucker

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Darius Rucker is certainly no novice in the music scene. We loved him as Hootie and we love him even more now that he’s jumped into the world of country music. His voice is borderline hypnotic, which is definitely a good thing considering his songs are just about guaranteed to get stuck in your head. And as a bonus, he seems like a pretty awesome guy to hang out with!

So here are some straight-to-point life lessons from the amazing Darius Rucker:

1. Nothing’s a mistake.

You know the saying “everything happens for a reason”? Of course you do. We’ve all heard it at least a million times in our lives. Well, in his song “This,” Rucker echoes this idea. He says, “I didn’t understand it way back when, but sitting here right now it all makes perfect sense.” I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve thought the same thing to myself. Sometimes things really just don’t make sense while they’re happening. But that’s okay! They don’t always need to. We’ll eventually see the meaning behind everything that happens to us, and how it molds us into who we are, but sometimes it just takes awhile.

2. Everything you need is right in front of you.

One of my personal favorites of Rucker’s songs is “Alright.” Aside from the fact that it is super relatable, it also sends the message that the material things aren’t the most important things in life. He sings about not needing five-star reservations because he has his own spaghetti and wine. Basically, as long as he’s with the one he loves, he has everything he needs. Isn’t this really true for all of us? Sometimes we just need a little reminding!

3. The South never leaves you.

You know what I’m talking about. You venture out of the South to go on vacation or on a business trip, and it happens. That awkward moment when you do something so blatantly Southern that you get those crazy looks, and maybe even gasps, from the people around you. Well, Darius Rucker can totally relate! In “Southern State of Mind,” he sings about the plight of trying to order sweet tea in New York City and getting dirty looks for politely holding doors for people out in California. I think everyone agrees with Rucker when he says, “No matter what state I’m in, I’m in a Southern state of mind.”

4. It won’t be like this for long.

In “It Won’t Be Like This For Long,” Rucker reminds us all of the importance of perseverance and courage. We’ve all hit rough patches in our lives, and maybe even lost our faith and hope. That’s why it’s so important to push through the hard times. Rucker says, “It won’t be like this for long. One day soon we’ll look back laughing.” Yes, it’s a basic reminder, but one that we sometimes so easily forget!

5. You gotta take some stances and take some chances.

Rucker’s “Learn to Live” is basically like a lifetime’s worth of inspiration, all neatly contained in one amazing and soulful song. He says, “You gotta live and learn, you gotta crash and burn. You gotta take some stances and take some chances.” If we don’t take some risks in life and stand up for what we believe in, then our lives will not be nearly as meaningful as they could be. After all, if we never leave our comfort zones, we’ll never know our full potential.

Thank you, Mr. Rucker, for helping us to keep our feet on the ground!

Image Source: CMA