5 Things I Learned From Jake Owen’s “Staying Fit” Interview

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A lot has changed for Jake Owen over the past year, but one thing has been constant– his commitment to fitness. In an interview with People, Jake reveals why fitness is so important to him.

1. Jake Owen stays fit for his fans, but more importantly for his daughter Pearl.

“It’s really important to me to live a healthy life and be the best I can be,” Jake told People. “Not only for my fans who spend a lot of money to see us play, but I also have a lot of responsibly to the guys who work for me and just my daughter, most importantly. I have a lot of responsibility to her. I want to be there for her. I could be out here raging every night but it’s not worth it.”

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2. For Jake, fitness is not about how it makes him look, but how it makes him feel.

“I’m not one of these dudes that is vain about wanting to look a certain way,” he explained. “I just feel better when I go to the gym every day and get some cardio in. If I have any sort of aggression on my mind, it comes out. It’s not like I’m a meathead, I just like feeling good.”

3. Jake has learned how to balance fitness, family and recording music while on the road.

“We’ve been touring like crazy, so I’ve spent a lot of time making music out on the road and taking it back to Nashville and working on it there,” he said.

4. There are no “off days” for Jake.

Whether he’s on tour, working or enjoying a break, Jake finds a way to fit a workout into his schedule.

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5. He loves his daughter a lot.

“I’ve found that time is a little less available as I’ve gotten older. I have a kid and when I have a couple days off I want to see her, so I find that to make the best record possible I have to manage my time wisely and focus,” he said.

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After spending the summer with Kenny Chesney, Jake is hitting the road this fall to play some select shows across the country. For more information on when and where you can see him perform, visit JakeOwen.net.

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