6 Country Music Duets We Need to Hear

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There’s a lot that goes into recording a duet. Sometimes artists hear a song and immediately think, “Man, this would sound great if so-and-so sang it with me.” Sometimes two people want to record a song together and then find time searching for the right one. But sometimes reality gets in the way. If artists are signed to two different record labels, sometimes the companies can’t agree and the two singers who want to work together can’t get the go-ahead. Or sometimes schedules just don’t allow enough time.

All that can’t keep us from dreaming, though, so here are 6 country music duets we need to hear:

1. Maddie & Tae and Tyler Farr

In 2014, Maddie & Tae busted onto the scene with their debut single, “Girl in a Country Song,” in which they poke fun at Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy” as well as several other tunes. But there are no hard feelings. Tyler has been vocal about his support of the duo and what better way to take a joke than for the three of them to record their own song.

2. Lady Antebellum and Sam Hunt

In order to create the most soulful country song of the last decade, we’d like to see Lady A team up with Sam Hunt. A mixture of Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Sam would bring a whole new level to each act’s catalogue and quite possibly be the sexiest song of all time. Actually, this summer, they have kind of done it on tour, but it’s an Aerosmith cover. We’re almost there.

3. Reba McEntire and Miranda Lambert

The world may explode from girl power, but how awesome would a Reba/Miranda duet be? Reba did a duet with Mr. Miranda Lambert (ahem, Blake Shelton) on his Christmas album, so it’s about time these ladies paired up.

4. Zac Brown Band and Kacey Musgraves

Let’s take chill to the max. Imagine the songwriting alone that this session would spawn. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but a duet might not be enough contain the magic that would happen from this match. How’s an entire album collaboration sound, guys?

5. Hunter Hayes and Frankie Ballard

Not only are these guys each wickedly talented, they’re both really into their instruments. Guitar slinger Frankie and multi-instrumentalist Hunter might not actually ever get a duet made because they’d probably spent all their time in the studio experimenting. But at least it would make some awesome behind-the-scenes footage.

6. Little Big Town and Luke Bryan

When you’re in a quartet, every day is a musical event. How cool would it be to mash Luke’s country style with the four-part harmony of LBT? This pairing could definitely lead to the next big wedding song.


Image Source: Jeremy Scott for CO

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