6 Reasons You Should Have Been Best Friends with Miranda Lambert in High School

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Aside from the obvious reasons of just being a really cool girl and seemingly down-to-earth, here are the six reasons (we could probably come up with about 30 more, but you get the point) you would have been best friends with Miranda Lambert in high school:

1. Miranda Loves Mariah.

Sure, she cites Loretta Lynn and Emmylou Harris as role models, but Miranda Lambert also throws Mariah Carey into that mix, proving she is every girl’s best friend. Seriously, you don’t want to road trip with someone who isn’t going to sing “Fantasy” with you at the top of their lungs. She also loves Beyonce, so much so her husband says he’s not allowed to talk during Beyonce songs.

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Star power!!!

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2. She was organic before being organic was a thing.

Miranda didn’t grow up rich or living the high life. There isn’t much of a “high life” in East Texas. For a short period of time her family lived in an old barn on some family property and only ate what they could grow in their garden or shoot in the field. So, that’s what Miranda did. She shot stuff and ate it. She grew stuff and ate it. Organically ahead of her time.

3. Miranda is not afraid.

Other than a great pair of jeans and a quality hair dryer, what does a girl need more than a best friend who isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit in times of trouble? Miranda is definitely not going to take any crap from anyone and she sure isn’t going to let you treat her or anyone she loves poorly. A number of her biggest hits are about getting back at someone who has done her wrong, sometimes by burning something down, sometimes by shooting someone. Seems like somebody you would have wanted to sit with in the cafeteria.

4. She owns her own winery.

This would not have come in handy in high school, but since you’re still such great friends, this is definitely a positive now. Think about how great this would be on a Sunday afternoon when you’re out of wine and you can’t buy it anywhere because of some silly Southern rule. Chardonnay run to Miranda’s house!

5. Eclectic style.

What’s better than having a best friend with an expansive closet? Miranda is a girl who isn’t afraid to get her boots and jeans dirty and immediately turn around and put on a gown. She can rock boots or heels, sequins or camo. She was also a guest judge on “Project Runway” once, which more than anything is just really cool and something to brag about it. Make it work! (Oh yeah, and there’s that whole shoe line she designed.)

6. Heart of gold.

Sure, Miranda Lambert sings about guns and drinking, but most of those lyrics come from passion and loving people. A lot. On top of that she’s got a real heart for animals. Along with her mother, Bev, Miranda started MuttNation Foundation which collaborates with shelters and rehabilitation programs to improve animals’ lives. They even help train dogs to assist wounded military personnel and dogs-in-prisons programs. Cool stuff, plus, I’d rather hear her sing a sad song about dogs and cats in trouble than, “I will remember you…” Personal opinion.

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The Jet Set!

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For some of us, it’s hard to look back on high school with any sort of nostalgia or fondness, so maybe if we look back it as if Miranda Lambert was our lifelong BFF, it’d be easier.

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