7 Lessons Girls Can Learn from Bro Country

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Bro Country: songs about the good life, a backroad, cold beer, girls shakin’ it, big trucks in the moonlight and every other thing you ever imagined happening at a party. Ever.

In most bro country songs, all of these things are happening at the same time. It’s hard to find a song just about beer or a girl or a truck. Somehow, the songs involve each and every one of these things.

What’s there to learn from bro country? A lot. Especially for the ladies.

After consulting many an expert and listening to all the bros, we’ve rounded up some very timely and important advice for the ladies when heading out with a bro.

1. Get a drink in your (his?) hand. Immediately.

Eric Church may have said it best in his hit, “Put a Drink in My Hand.”

No need to complicate it, I’m a simple man, all you got to do is put a drink in my hand.

There you have it, keep it simple: just a put a drink in your (or his?) hand. This is helpful because you know his expectations from the beginning.

2. Parties can happen anywhere, even in a truck.

A lot of bros are partying in their trucks, with their girls. I have always erred on the side of having parties at actual venues or homes. Bro country is really allowing us to explore other options for parties. And ladies, this is valuable information, because you may think you’re just headed out for a little ride in his Chevy, but no! It could be a party. Always be prepared for the truck party. This truck party may not seem like a party because it could just be you, the bro and some brews. However, it is probably a party.

Luke Bryan is the biggest advocate for a truck party. But, that could be because he has a diamond-plated tailgate to hang out on.

3. If you can’t party in a truck, your next best option is a field.

This one, at first, sounds a bit scary, so be wise. Don’t venture to any fields with strangers. Even though Jason Aldean really wants to head out to, ’bout a mile off old mill road, in that spot nobody knows. Why does he know this spot, but no one else does?

Don’t think you’re headed to a field to look at anything special, you’re probably headed to a party in a field. Again, could just be the two of you, but he thinks it’s a party, so it’s a party.

4. Pack a swimsuit, because you’ll probably have the opportunity to go swimming.

If you get invited to head out to the middle of nowhere with a boy, in his truck, he’s probably going to try and get you to go swimming. My best advice? Pack a bathing suit.

From what I can tell, Jon Pardi is the only bro actually talking about jumping into a body of water, but he makes no mention of a swimsuit, just flip-flops. Flip flops are a great option, but a sturdier shoe would be good, too. If you’re out in the woods in the middle of the night, you just want to be safe. I understand you want to be sexy, too, but sometimes safe is sexy. You know what isn’t sexy? Tetanus.

 5. Bring gas money.

Unfortunately, not a lot of bros have plans for their evenings with you. In fact, most bros explicitly say they have nowhere to go and nowhere to be.

Jake Owen is willing to go to West Virginia or Mexico or, I’ll go anywhere,  Girl I’ll swear, just say the word, I’ll take you there, aww anywhere, anywhere with you. This is sweet, but impractical. How are you even supposed to dress for this date? If you’re going to West Virginia, do you need a coat? And what about a passport for Mexico?

Same goes for Cole Swindell, he lets us know up front, nowhere to go, nowhere to be. Again, this is just impractical. It’s very likely he’s in a big truck that gets very poor gas mileage. Bring gas money. Just in case.

6. Shake it, don’t break it.

Bros from Luke Bryan to Thomas Rhett love a lady who can shake it. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with shaking it, just be careful not to break it.

Also, Rhett seems to think a girl can shake it good enough for it to be her college major. Can you imagine? I do not recommend majoring in “shakin’ it.” Don’t shake anything you wouldn’t shake in front of your dad.

 7. Study up on astronomy.

So, if a bro is taking you out in his truck, to the middle of nowhere, it’s very likely you’ll be gone a long time. So long in fact, that your bro will want to put down his tailgate and look at the moon with you. For conversation’s sake, it could be practical advice to brush up on your astronomy knowledge.

If this relationship is going to last past the beer and the shakin’ it, you have to have conversation topics!

And of course: have fun. Because that’s what the bro are really all about.

Image Source: BigStock