7 Products Every Southern Girl Needs This Summer

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Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe and accessories for all of the fun ahead! From concerts to lake days to simply enjoying the sunshine, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 must-have products you need in your closet to get you through the summer heat in style.

1. Mantra T-Shirt

Tie it up with a skirt or shorts for a summer concert or throw it on over your swimsuit to hit the pool! Bell & May’s line of mantra t-shirts allow you to make a statement in style. From “Prove Them Wrong” to “Pray it Forward,” you’re sure to find your perfect summer motto.

Shop our Bell & May t-shirt collection here.

Bell & May “Prove Them Wrong” T-Shirt

2. Statement Earrings

In case you didn’t know, animal print is the new neutral! From leopard print to cowhide and leather, OneWild’s earrings are lightweight and comfortable, yet make an impactful statement with any outfit. And, to help sweeten the pot, for every pair of earrings you buy, OneWild will donate $1 to programs that help women and girls realize their value.

Shop our OneWild earring collection here. 

OneWild Drop Leather Earrings

3. A Pop of Turquoise

Perfect for throwing on top of a t-shirt and jeans or dressing up for a night on the town, West & Co.’s turquoise and silver squash necklace is a must-have this summer. Made with high-quality materials, every West & Co. product is perfectly unique, fresh and edgy, allowing you to stand out in the crowd in total confidence.

Grab yours here – and shop the rest of the West & Co. collection here.

West & Co. Squash Necklace

4. Silicone Rings

There are few things better about summer than hitting the lake or beach, but not at the risk of losing your valuable jewelry! Instead of wearing your valuable rings while you take your summer adventures, grab a GrooveLife silicone ring— they’re flexible, durable, and have a lifetime warranty. Not to mention, they come in several colors and patterns so you can easily find your perfect fit.

Shop our GrooveLife silicone ring collection here. 

Groove Silicone Rings

5. Sentiment Bracelet

Summer is the season of stacking bracelets! Lenny & Eva’s sentiment bracelets are the perfect accent to any outfit—and fit whatever season of life you might be in. Just pick the sentiment you want on your bracelet, then pick your choice of leather wrap to hold the sentiment in place and voila!

Lenny & Eva Sentiment Bracelet

6. Driving Mocs

Twisted X’s driving mocs are a must-have for every girl (and guy!) this summer. They’re easy to slip on, are incredibly comfortable and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so you can find the perfect pair to suit you. Browse our entire Twisted X collection here.

Twisted X Women’s Chukka Driving Moc

7. Pearl Choker

They say every southern girl needs a set of pearls, and Lenny & Eva’s pearl choker is probably the most trendy way to do it! Plus, Lenny & Eva’s purpose behind their pearls will make you love it even more:

“Pearls are formed when a small grain of sand enters a shell and, over time, becomes something precious and valuable. Wear this pearl as a reminder that, though you may feel small at times, through grit and perseverance, you will discover your own purpose.”  

Grab yours here.

Lenny & Eva Pearl Beaded Choker Necklace

Shop One Country is a curated collection of footwear, apparel, accessories and more that fit the values and lifestyle of the South. From high-quality t-shirts that give back to handcrafted jewelry and artisan home goods, every product has its own story and was hand selected to be a part of our collection because of it. When you shop One Country, you’re supporting the best craftspeople and products our country has to offer.