9 Best Country Music Drinking Songs of 2015

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As we near the end of 2015, it’s only fitting that Country Outfitter Life shares a few of those classic, end of the year lists. Like you, we are kind of bored with the typical end of the year lists, so we’re putting our own spin on a few! 

Like every year, 2015 was an exceptional year for drinking songs in country music. A lot of this year’s drinking songs aren’t party songs, but moments of respite. These songs aren’t about partying in a field, but real emotions.

9 Best Country Music Drinking Songs of 2015:

1. “Tennessee Whiskey” // Chris Stapleton

Chris has said this song has been influential in his musical stylings over the years and now his version is going to do the same for others. His vocals shine in this one, but it’s those guitar lyrics that really make you want a glass of whiskey.

2. “Mixed Drinks About Feelings” // Eric Church featuring Susan Tedeschi

Eric Church wrote this song by himself and what a piece of work it is. Susan Tedeschi’s vocals only bring the lyrics to life even more. And the lyrics are lively as hell.

My figured out’s never been more confused.

Having mixed drinks about feelings and you.

Every songwriter and writer in the world wishes they penned these lines.

3. “Relapse” // Carrie Underwood

Hard to imagine Carrie having a vice, but this performance is convincing.

4. “Cold Beer Conversation” // George Strait

If George Strait thinks we can solve life’s problems with a beer and a conversation– we’re in. George, as always, is very convincing in his delivery.

5. “My Mistake” // Cam

This tune didn’t get a fair shake at radio. Like Underwood’s “Relapse,” the question begs– what’s the mistake/vice– the alcohol or the man? Do they go hand-in-hand?

6. “Drunk On Your Love” // Brett Eldredge

So full of cliches, yet so clever and catchy.

7. “Jim and Jack and Hank” // Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson took us back to the grandest era of country music with this one and all we want to do is hang out with Jim and Jack and Hank.

8. “Sangria” // Blake Shelton

No one delivers sexy-flirty lyrics like Mr. Shelton. And somehow, this song that should be about a drink served at co-ed baby showers is the epic tale of one sexy night.

9. “Drink You Away” // Justin Timberlake

JT’s first jump into the deep end of country music was a solid one.

Image Source: UMG, CMA, Grand Ole Opry