Aaron Watson Releases Live Album to Benefit Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Aaron Watson Houston Rodeo Live album
Photo by Brad Coolidge/Monarch publicity

Just as Aaron Watson’s latest single, “Run Wild Horses,” featured on Vaquero, is climbing the charts, the Texas native is releasing his first live album in a decade, Aaron Watson Live at the World’s Biggest Rodeo Show.

The latest offering was recorded live at the 2017 Rodeo Houston in Aaron’s home state and contains 13 tracks from the 41-year-old’s 18-year career.

Released on the 1-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm that impacted 13 million people in 41 Texas counties, Aaron Watson Live at the World’s Biggest Rodeo Show is a personal project for the “Outta Style” singer. 

“We had planned on releasing this album in the second half of 2017, but after the storm it just didn’t feel right,” said Aaron.  “I’ve always wanted my music to do good in the world and it became clear that there was a real opportunity to hold onto this project and release it on the one year anniversary of the hurricane.  So much of my home state of Texas was affected.  Hopefully by bringing the recovery efforts back to the forefront, it will remind people that there is still so much work left to do. I’m also extremely proud to partner with the Rebuild Texas Fund, which makes sure every dollar goes back into the local communities, and help them raise money by donating a portion of the live album sales.”

The Rebuild Texas Fund helps serve all communities that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Aaron is doing his part by donating $1.41 from each album sold to the fund. In addition, Aaron included an emotional bonus track, “Higher Ground,” which he wrote as Hurricane Harvey was devastating his home state of Texas.

“I was out of state touring when Harvey hit. I felt helpless being so far away,” Aaron said.  “This storm is personal to me.  My grandparents lived in, and are buried in, an area that was devastated. Seeing that on the news and the people there struggling to escape, rescue each other and recover was the inspiration for writing the song ‘Higher Ground.’”

I pray you always be strong / You always be brave / Take heart and hold on for dear life / Wave after wave, after all those tears fall / down, down, down / Come hell or high water / Only love will find you higher ground,” Aaron sings in the chorus.

Aaron Watson Live at the World’s Biggest Rodeo Show is available now.


Aaron Watson Live album cover

Aaron Watson Live at the World’s Biggest Rodeo Show

  1. “These Old Boots Have Roots” (Aaron Watson)
  2. “Freight Train” (Aaron Watson, Troy Olsen, Tim Nichols)
  3. “Real Good Time” (Aaron Watson)
  4. “Raise Your Bottle” (Aaron Watson)
  5. “That’s Why God Loves Cowboys” (Aaron Watson, Troy Olsen, Sarah Buxton)
  6. “That Look” (Aaron Watson)
  7. “Outta Style” (Aaron Watson)
  8. “Bluebonnets” (Julia’s Song) (Aaron Watson)
  9. “They Don’t Make Em Like They Use To” (Aaron Watson)
  10. “Fence Post” (Aaron Watson)
  11. “Wildfire” (John Mayer)
  12. “Getaway Truck” (Aaron Watson)
  13. “July in Cheyenne” (Song for Lane’s Momma) (Aaron Watson)
  14. “Higher Ground” (Acoustic Bonus Track) (Aaron Watson)