Aaron Watson’s Concert Video For “Outta Style” Will Make You Want To See Him In Person


Nashville can be a tough town. Most people trying to make it in the music business never catch their break and many pack up and head back home. Aaron Watson was one of them. But when he headed back to Texas he didn’t give up on a career in music. Instead, he started making music on his on terms. His new music video for “Outta Style” showcases that renegade persona and the live show that is still turning heads in the industry.

Watson has built his career on touring and honed his live show to a razor’s edge with charisma, musicianship, poignancy, and a determination to make music on his own terms. He purposefully ignores trends and music fades, which some might think would make him outdated. But his Texas country style is nothing but relevant.

If you haven’t seen him live, now is the time. You can find tickets here.