Aaron Watson’s Smallest Fan Has Just Won Our Hearts


If you have never seen Aaron Watson live, you have missed out on one of the greatest country acts currently on tour. Watson is energetic and engaging and his band is top notch. But the music is not the only thing worth noticing. Watson’s care and concern for his little fans goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Multiple times during his act he spoke directly to the children at his shows, offering them earplugs if the music was too loud, taking pictures with them, and even bringing them onstage. Watson knoew that he is an inspiration and role model to the next generation. According to his latest Instagram post, the next generation is on board with taking cues from the uncompromising Texas musician.

Watson shared a video of a little vaquero named Copeland singing along to “These Old Boots”. The little fella knew every word and only stopped singing when he got annoyed with being filmed by his momma.

“Instead of boring you by posting another pic of a packed house… Ill give you a video of my little buddy Copeland singing ‘These Old Boots’. My favorite part of this video is when he shakes his head “no” when he catches his mom videoing him! Ha! Copeland, I feel your pain buddy… @mrsaaronwatson does this to me all the time when I’m driving and singing along with the radio! Thanks to everyone who came out this week, as well as, all of you who support me and my fam week end and week out! We love ya back!”

Seriously, if you want to take your kids to any country show, make it Aaron Watson.