[Watch] Abby Anderson Stuns In Powerful Video for “Make Him Wait”

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Abby Anderson has released the music video for her poignant debut single “Make Him Wait” and it stars women from all walks of life. Abby hand selected many of the actors who appear in the video and the clip also stars a fan and one of her friends, who is seen seated at the piano with the singer.

“Make him wait by the phone / At the door to meet your dad / Before that first kiss he’s gotta hold your hand / You can’t get it back when you give yourself away / Yeah a boy’s gonna run but a real man’s gonna stay / Girl make him wait / Make him wait,” she sings on the chorus.

Throughout the video, Abby alternates between being seated in a chair in a stunning red dress and at the piano as she sings the song’s memorable lyrics. All the while, the camera pans to other women beside her as they reflect and hone in on the song’s powerful message of self acceptance.

“My hope is that ‘Make Him Wait’ is a universal message that speaks to people of all ages,” she explains in a statement. “This is a song about trusting your worth, with someone worth your trust. It’s about dating someone who understands your worth and treats you accordingly. I’m a strong believer that you set the tone of any relationship. When you set the standards, and you set them high, people tend to rise to the occasion.”

The video for “Make Him Wait” was shot in Nashville by director Chris Hicky, who worked to capture the value of self-worth that is the focus of the powerful piano ballad. The song was written by Abby, Tom Douglas, and Josh Kerr and is featured on her debut EP, I’m Good, released last week.

Abby is currently on the road with Brett Eldredge and Devin Dawson as part of The Long Way Tour.