Achy Breaky Heart 2: Reactions

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A couple of months ago, Billy Ray Cyrus and some rapper released “Achy Breaky Heart 2.” In brief, Billy Ray and this rapper get picked up by a space ship full of scantily-clad women (covered up by very meticulously placed duct tape) and end up line dancing to a new, upbeat version of BRC’s original hit. At the beginning of the video, legendary news man Larry King sets up the abduction scene for us.

To stay relevant we wanted to post this video for the world to see. But. It’s bad. It’s really bad. So, we just filmed some of our team watching the video.

Questions you may have:

Did Larry King really agree to be in this video?

Are they in space?

Has Miley seen this?

What was the budget for this?

How did they get that tape there?

Did it hurt when they pulled the tape off?

When is it over?

Will I ever recover from seeing this?