Rising Artist and ‘The Voice’ Alum, Adam Wakefield, Responds to Sexual Assault Accusations


Rising country artist and The Voice alum Adam Wakefield has been accused of sexual assault according to a post on Twitter.

A young woman, who identifies herself as @erica_lynn, shared a detailed post on the social media platform explaining that the incident allegedly took place a few years ago.

“I had been ‘talking’ to a guy for a few weeks after we met at a bar, and we met up after a Halloween party and he asked to spend the night,” she writes. “I was very drunk, I assume he was as well, and said yes because I thought I trusted him. Later that night I woke up with him on top of me having sex with me, when I asked him to stop he said, ‘you know you like it,’ And wouldn’t.”

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She goes on to say that she went to the hospital where she was given a rape kit. She adds that she also took part in a controlled call between herself and Adam with the police listening. She writes that during the call he apologized and admitted he “F***ed up.” She continues, “The following day the police went to his apartment and he told them he thought I was awake.”

According to the post, the case was thrown out the next day in spite of a positive rape kit and recorded call. The accuser, @erica_lynn, says that she is speaking up now in the hopes of encouraging other women to speak up. “Don’t trust him,” she says. “He’s charming and manipulative and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did.”

In an updated post, she adds that she has heard from multiple other women who allege that they have also been assaulted by Wakefield.

Taste of Country received a statement from the singer. In it, he says that the incident tied to a relationship that took place three years ago and that he “gave a statement to detectives and fully cooperated with investigating authorities.”

“No charges were ever filed against me and this matter was closed,” Wakefield continued in the statement. “I am not going to make any efforts to squash this woman’s statement or try to diminish her voice. I wish nothing but healing and peace for her.”

He adds, “I apologize to both my professional and personal family for any hurt this accusation has caused and especially my mother who has dedicated her life’s work to fighting against domestic violence and other injustices against women.”

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In addition to finishing as a runner-up for Team Blake (Shelton) on season 10 of The Voice, Adam recently launched the trio Texas Hill with former American Idol Casey James and fellow The Voice alum Craig Wayne Boyd.