Jason Aldean Gets Intimate In His Debut Of “You Make It Easy”


Jason Aldean plays loud rock shows. I don’t mean he plays heavy metal, rather that his shows are big, loud, and often sound more like a Foo Fighters show than what you would expect from a country show. His first single “You Make It Easy” from his upcoming album Rearview Town is a tonal shift fro Aldean, moving from big arena music to a more intimate sound.

To debut “You Make It Easy” Aldean leaned into the intimacy of the song with a small stripped-down concert. He brought along his full band but focused on making the room small and connecting with his fans over a song about connecting with his wife. Judging by his fans’ faces, it worked.

Rearview Town is due April 13th, including 15-tracks produced by longtime collaborator Michael Knox and includes an appearance by Miranda Lambert on the song “Drowns the Whiskey.”