“American Idol” Contestant Chloe Channell Brings ’90s Country Star Along for Audition [Watch]

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If you’re a relatively new fan of country music, you may not be familiar with “Somewhere In My Broken Heart” singer Billy Dean. However, “American Idol” judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie knew exactly who the talented and handsome ’90s country star was when he appeared at the auditions for season 17 of the hit reality show.

No, Billy wasn’t auditioning himself, but instead was accompanying Chloe Channell whom he had met through his friend and Chloe’s mentor, the legendary Kenny Rogers. Of course, the petite young singer was only too happy to introduce her award-winning guitar player, but Luke elaborated in the intro telling Katy, “Billy is a wonderful country music songwriter, country artist.”

He then turned to Billy to ask about his chart success and the humble artist said, “I’m all good and washed up now.”

The spotlight then went back on Chloe who delivered a tender yet dynamic version of the Keith Urban favorite, “Stupid Boy.”

It was hard to tell who was more excited as the judges revealed their votes, Chloe or Billy, but they both were teary-eyed as she collected her golden ticket to Hollywood. However, neither Lionel, nor Luke was going to let Billy leave the room without handshakes, hugs, and an impromptu duet of Billy’s breakthrough single, “Only Here for a Little While.” Still, the country legend graciously turned it back on Chloe and grew as emotional as a proud papa when he told Katy, “She’s worked so hard. She’s given up so many spring breaks and so many summers to do this.”

The hard work paid off, and Chloe will be one to watch.