“American Idol” Judges Really Got Down to This Country Yodeling Sensation from Texas


Kristyn Harris is a real cowgirl and not just because she wears a hat, but she actually lives on a farm and takes care of cattle. She also does trick riding in the rodeo, which is a terrifying thing.

Harris noted that auditioning for “American Idol” was a “really big deal,” but the bigger deal to me is that she chose to sing Patsy Montana’s “I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart” for her audition song– that’s a bold choice.

But, before Harris could even sing, judge Katy Perry asked, “can you show me how to milk a cow?” Which brought out Luke Bryan’s super country side.

When Harris finally got to sing, the judges loved it and got up to square dance as she sang.


The judges loved her voice– Bryan sent her to Hollywood immediately, Perry said she didn’t think it was right for the show and Lionel Richie delivered the final yes for the golden ticket.


If you’re keeping score at home– Kacey Musgraves got her start in country music as a yodeler. A real famous one too.