Arkansan Has Gone Viral For His Amazing Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way”

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You can find a million covers of any given song on YouTube. Shoot, there are so many it’s hard to separate the talented artists from the pretenders. But every now and then, someone comes along and blows your socks off. Arkansan Heath Sanders is one of those rare few and proved his talent with a full bore cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way.”

From 9 to 5, Heath Sanders is a field operator for a natural gas company but in his spare time, he belts out songs and sounds a lot like Chris Stapleton. Sanders posted this video covering Stapleton’s “Either Way” on Facebook. It has since gone viral. “Bout gave myself a gosh dern hernia,” he wrote in the caption. It’s true, Sanders gave it all he had and, honestly, it was pretty dang good.

If you want to hear more from him or even catch him around performing around central Arkansas, you can check out his music page on Facebook.