Ashley McBryde’s Childhood Comes to Light On Next Single “Radioland”


Ashley McBryde is set to release her next single, “Radioland,” to country radio on July 16. The song tells the story of her childhood growing up in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, and paints the vivid picture of a home filled with music.

In the song’s first verse, McBryde sings of her mother blasting the Police in the kitchen while her father played Townes Van Zandt outside on his tractor. McBryde, herself, was also tuned into the radio. “I was five years old with a hairbrush microphone growing up in radioland,” she belts on the track.

“I grew up in the Ozark Mountains and there’s not anything out there,” she says in a video clip. “Especially when I was growing up, there wasn’t internet yet and there wasn’t cable or anything, so we had the radio. I had an old Panasonic boom box my brother, Clint, used to carry on his shoulder like the cool kids. I would sit and make mix tapes of Bob Kingsley’s Top 40 and Casey Kasem with my sister.”

Throughout the song, McBryde name drops Casey Kasem’s weekly countdown and influences like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. “Catch a Friday night game / Or a Sunday sermon / In the cab of a Chevrolet / Casey Kasem in an old Panasonic / Counting down by Saturday,” she sings. With ear-grabbing guitar riffs and a beat that makes you want to dance, “Radioland” is an instant ear-worm.

“Everything I needed was in the radio: school lunch menus, sermons, ball games. And, every celebrity I cared about was a singer or songwriter,” she adds. “I knew that inside the dash was my Hollywood. The older I got, I started lovingly referring to where I grew up as Radioland. So, Mammoth Springs, Arkansas is actually Radioland.”

McBryde wrote “Radioland” with Autumn McEntire and Chris Roberts. It’s the second single off her major-label debut album, Girl Going Nowhere, released earlier this year.