Ashley Monroe Unleashes Sexiness in “Wild Love” Video

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Following the release of her fourth studio album Sparrow, Ashley Monroe is revealing a more sensual side in a video for her latest release, “Wild Love.”

In the video, Ashley, dressed in a silky gown, is portraying a feeling of freedom as she is unconstrained by walls while singing, dancing and just existing in an open forest full of trees as sunlight pours in.

Throughout the video close ups of body parts flash as Ashley recites lyrics like, “I need a stranger to pull my hair and call my name / Take me home and make me feel alive again / Lightning rod, oh help me God, it’s coursin’ through my veins / I don’t wanna deny myself / Pull my hair and call my name (pull my hair and call my name) / Pull my hair and call my name.”

“I gained a whole new sense of strength and confidence when I became a mother,” explains Monroe. “There’s such a freedom that comes with being comfortable with who you are and that’s when you’re at your sexiest and most beautiful. I wanted the ‘Wild Love’ video to capture that sense of peace that comes with letting go and feeling good about who you are.”

As for Sparrow, Ashely hopes people can take away whatever it is they feel they need at the time.

“I just hope that people can feel something,” Ashley tells One Country. “That they can conjure up some sort of feeling, even if it’s sadness, even the sexiness. All of it. I love when music moves people and I think that’s what it’s intended to do.”

“Wild Love” sure does.