What It’s Like to Be Backstage at Big Country Music Event


You know how country music stars are always saying country music is really like a big family? Or at least a bunch of really good friends always hanging out? They aren’t lying. I’ve seen it with my own eyes time and time again.

While we were in Las Vegas for the 52nd Annual ACM Awards, we got to spend some time backstage at the
Westwood One/Cumulus Radio Row. This is one those events fans don’t get to see very often, but you probably hear it more than you think. This is where those liners get recorded for your local radio station a lot. Artists come in and talk to radio stations across the country and in the process catch up with friends and other industry people.

The day we got to spend behind-the-scenes of Radio Row was truly like old home week for us– we talked to
Justin Moore about the Arkansas Razorbacks, asked Brett Eldredge how Edgar was doing, found out Sam Hunt doesn’t have a Pinterest board, told Brandy Clark about how she makes us cry a lot and told Cam about the time we met George Strait.

Also, we met the
Backstreet Boys and got to see what Karen Fairchild was wearing before everyone else saw.

Just old friends hanging out– kind of like a ’90s sitcom, you know?

Remember, the next time you hear Jason Aldean say, “I’m Jason Aldean and you’re listening to____” you saw it here first.