Bailey Bryan Releases Unique and Quirky Video for “Own It” That Will Make You Think Someone Broke Your Phone

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Bailey Bryan is taking responsibility with her new song. The tune, “Own It,” is about loving yourself, flaws and all. She wrote the tune at the age of 16, after going through more than the normal teenage growing pains.

“I wrote it because that was something I needed to hear,” she told One Country and other news outlets. “I was actually recovering from spinal surgery, because I had scoliosis. It was corrective surgery for that. It was a big learning experience for me. … I lost a lot of weight, I got taller, because my spine was straightened out. …I was having to learn how to own the person I was.”

For a song that started as the response to such a serious situation, the songstress has created quite the fun and topical music video to embody the lyrics of the song.

“It’s important to me to use [social media] in a positive light,” she said, explaining the clip which includes every social media platform I know (and a few I didn’t).

Watch it: