Barrett Baber Says Even After All the Success, He’s Still Just “Trying to Be Dad”


With his wife by his side, “The Voice” finalist Barrett Baber took some time to visit with One Country on the CMT red carpet to talk about his sudden launch into stardom, how his life has changed since “The Voice” and, most importantly, his family.

Even though Barrett says he’s had to build a little extra “selfie time” into his Walgreens diaper runs, the 36-year-old husband and father claims that at the end of the day, the most important thing is that “he does right by [his] wife and [his] kids.”

“I try to do a very good job of just being dad and being Barrett when I’m home,” he said. “I think my kids sometimes are like, ‘Why is he taking a random picture with this person?’ That’s kind of fun to see their reaction like, ‘He’s just dad, like he changed my diaper an hour ago.'”