11 Best Americana Songs Of 2017


Americana is closely knit to country music but often overlooked for it’s almost anti-pop sound. As a result, it attracts the misfits, the fed up, the individualists, and the non-conformists. But that isn’t a bad thing. The men and women who make music with their own set of rules tend to make some pretty amazing music. You just might have to look beyond the radio to find it.

11 Best Americana Songs Of 2017:

1. Jason Isbell // “If We Were Vampires”

This may be the best song of the year in any genre. It hits you in the head, heart, and soul.

2. Willie Nelson // “Old Timer”

Like Glen Campbell’s “Adios,” this song examines Nelson’s place in music and the world. It’s rare to get this kind of perspective from a living legend.

3. Angeleena Presley // “Wrangled”

Presley is rumored to be reuniting with the Pistol Annies, but in the meantime she is making music her way. Wrangled is making best-of lists across the country and the title track is the best example of Presley’s individualism and musical strengths.

4. Rhiannon Giddens // “Come Love Come”

Giddens is one of the foremost americana artists today. Her music is as Southern as it gets. Only listen if you want to join the stomp-clap.

5. Jade Jackson // “Finish Line”

Jade Jackson is a cowgirl you might see at a biker rally. Her downtempo sound would be right at home on “Sons of Anrachy.” This breakup song is swooning, empowering, and heart-wrenching. That’s an achievement.

6. Charlie Worsham // “Cut Your Groove”

“Cut Your Groove” is an earworm, the kind of song that when it plays at a party everyone stops what they are doing and starts singing along. Keep an eye on Worsham.

7. Nikki Lane // “Jackpot”

“Jackpot” is equal parts Elvis and Johnny Cash with a dash of Jerry Lee Lewis. It’s about time we had another fun Vegas song.

8. Margo Price // “Weakness”

Price is americana’s first lady and “Weakness” shows why: great storytelling, classic style, and undaunted confidence. I can’t help but feel like she is a reincarnated Dolly Parton.

9. Alison Krauss // “River in the Rain”

Personally, I believe Krauss should win Female Vocalist of the Year every year. It just doesn’t get better than this.

10. Sean Rowe // “I’ll Follow Your Trail”

Rowe may be one of the most overlooked songwriters I know of. His music demands you listen to every word. His baritone slur adds a does of sorrow to “I’ll Follow Your Trail” and gets better on every listen.

11. The Secret Sisters // “You Don’t Own Me Anymore”

I love everything about this. This song seems perfectly tailored for 2017 and the harmonies are immaculate.