9 Best Instagram Photos from the People’s Choice Awards

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Sure, the People’s Choice Awards are the only awards show where a social media award is handed out to someone no one over the age of 25 has ever heard of, but still– we love a gathering of famous people. Especially famous people who post photos to Instagram.

9 Best Instagram Photos from the People’s Choice Awards:

1. Blake’s Moment
This seat filler captured a somewhat awkward moment of Blake Shelton and Narvel Blackstock.

2. Ellen’s Pose
Only Ellen.

3. J. Lo’s One Chance
Apparently, Tom Hanks only agreed to take one photo with J. Lo and this was the result.

4. Most Normal Couple Ever
How are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard so famous and cool, yet so normal?

5. Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse
They still got it.

6. Candid Moment
You have to admire this candid moment between Kevin Hart, Justin Timberlake and The Rock. You also have to admire that Hart said it wasn’t candid at all.

7. Blake’s Face

8. Blake’s Cool Shot
Hard not to love a country music star winning big.

9. Front Row Selfie
Blossom has really blossomed on CBS.