Big & Rich Urge You to ‘Stay Home’ in Hilarious Video [Watch]


Big & Rich have done it again. In a time when we are all stuck in our homes under quarantine and asking to be entertained, John Rich and Kenny Alphin are answering the call.

The duo released a new song called “Stay Home,” written by John, TJ McDaniel, Larry Gatlin and Charlie Pennachio, in reaction to the stay at home guidelines we find ourselves under as the coronavirus spreads throughout the country and around the globe. In a hilarious new video, the guys are not only spreading the word but some humor as well.

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Stay Home / Stay home / no reason in the world for you to rome / we’re all in this together / no friend you ain’t alone / all you gotta do is stay home,” they sing in the chorus.

The video and lyrics may be on the humorous side, but the message is serious.

“Staying home is the name of the game right now,” John said in an interview with TMZ. “For Big Kenny and I, who we have been connected at the hip for a very long time, we still can connect at the hip, just with music and a little technology—and what do you know you got a new song called ‘Stay Home.’ We hope that that message really sticks with people and puts a grin on their face too. Because the song is kind of funny when you listen to it.”

“We thought it was a perfect time to put out a song like this,” added Big Kenny. “This is absolutely the perfect message that’s got to be gotten out there right now because if we don’t shut everything right now quickly…that’s the only tool we have to shut this thing down.”

Believe it or not the message still needs should to the masses, as some are still not abiding by the stay at home guidelines.

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“They need to think of somebody in their family, somebody that they’re friends with, that they love, who may be is an older person—somebody that they can’t imagine life without—and the fact that they’re still out congregating and doing what they’re doing is putting that person at risk. Think about your people, our people, we’re all in this together guys. It’s not cool to do that.”

Remember to stay home!

On a side note: Shout out to our friend TJ McDaniel, who is a co-writer on the song. Those of us at One Country were shocked to see a writer credit for TJ.  We didn’t know had it in him. Just kidding. We know all too well about the incredible talent this man has kept hidden from the world and we’re just thrilled to see him break out onto the scene with this new hit!