Billy Currington Climbing a Tree to Pick His Own Coconut Is Just What We Want to See

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With an Instagram handle like @Bcoconutman, you’d expect Billy Currington to know a thing or two about coconuts. But when the “Must Be Doing Something Right” singer posted a video of himself climbing a tree to pick his own coconut and hack it open with a very large knife, we were impressed.

The 44-year-old fit singer took to his Instagram story to show us how he lives off the land in Hawaii. Billy shared video of himself climbing a tree, picking his own coconut, cutting it open and drinking it’s contents. Now that’s living.

A frequent Hawaiian inhabitant, Billy spends a majority of his time on the Hawaiian islands enjoying the surf and sand. An avid surfer, Billy shares videos and photos from his surfing adventures on Instagram. The man of many talents can now add coconut retriever to his list.

The country hitmaker recently released his latest single “Bring It on Over,” from his highly-anticipated forthcoming album—the follow-up to 2015’s Summer Forever. The three-minute tune has the singer daydreaming about his love and rushing over to her place to repeat their magical evening from the night before.