Billy Currington Is In a “Drinkin’ Town With a Football Problem”

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Billy Currington‘s newest single, “Drinkin’ Town With a Football Problem,” is a song that every country music fan, regardless of age or location can probably relate to. It’s a story as old as time– a small town filling up the local high school’s bleachers to watch a football game. The stands are filled with memories and hope for the future (and a big win).

This track is a little different for Currington, as it offers up a little more twang than usual.

Past year’s cheerleaders

Old men fill the bleachers

Skeptics, true believers all

Gathered on a Friday night

Singing to the stars and stripes

We still tell the same old story

Relive former glory

Went to state in ‘94

We got a trophy in the school hallway

The kids pass it by each day

We’re a drinking town with a football problem

With two main things we all have in common

We love ‘em both and don’t want to solve ‘em

We’re a drinking town with a football problem

It’s almost like “Friday Night Lights” without Coach Taylor.

“Drinkin’ Town With a Football Problem,” is the second single off of Currington’s latest album, Summer Forever.

Image Source: UMG