Billy Currington Sings Sentimental New Love Song While Shirtless [Watch]

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It may have been Billy Currington’s birthday on Monday (Nov. 19), but the country singer was the one giving his fans quite the gift. The birthday boy shared a snippet of himself singing a brand new song for fans on Instagram while shirtless.

Captioning the post “Naturally,” the 45-year-old singer shows off his muscles and his singing chops during the performance. The slow ballad had Billy strumming an acoustic guitar while singing the song’s heartfelt lyrics.

“Naturally I’m drawn to you like / Gravity, the tides, the moon / You’re more beautiful every day, girl / It’s crazy you wake up that way / Naturally, like the waves gonna hit the shore / Like naturally, my hand’s always gonna find yours / It’s like breathing and eating and sleeping / It’s second nature to me / Oh, loving you just comes naturally / Yes it does, baby,” he croons on the song.

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While Billy didn’t post when he’ll be releasing the full song, it could wind up on his forthcoming album—the follow-up to 2015’s Summer Forever. The Georgia native and frequent Hawaiian inhabitant, recently dropped his new single “Bring It On Over,” which has an equally sultry story line. The three-minute tune has the singer daydreaming about his love and rushing over to her place to repeat their magical evening from the night before.

“Baby, I can’t stop thinking about last night / Still taste your kiss, still taste the wine / Trying to turn this 10-minute drive to five,” he sings at the track’s start.