What’s Going On With Billy Ray Cyrus?

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Billy Ray Cyrus has been acting very strange lately, trying to look and act young. People have wondered if he is changing his name, if he is staging a comeback, and why he stole the hairstyle of an elementary school gym teacher? It is impossible to see him without thinking, “What is going on?” Something is up with Cyrus, but it may just be middle age.

Billy Ray went on “LIVE Kelly & Ryan”, a real talk show with an in-process title. During the interview, Kelly Ripa shares a video of her daughter meeting Billy Ray on set of “Hannah Montana” in which he is kind, talkative, stylish, eating a plate full of breakfast meats he refers to as “sugar pig”. It’s weird but kind of standard jokey celebrity stuff. But its like we’re watching a different person.

Now, he’s just kind of there. In this two minute clip, Cyrus’ longest sentence is “Oh, great great great.”

Somehow, his feathered, dyed hairdo make him look older than he is. Cyrus is 55, the same age as Trace Adkins, John Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, and Clint Black. He’s not that old, but old enough to be past trendy zipper shirts. Is that a trend? There’s just so many zippers on that shirt. Even his collar has a zipper.

Billy Ray is trying to be 30 again, but in a old man’s body, it just seems weird.

Same, girl, same.