Billy Ray Cyrus Tackles Politics and Freedom in New Tune “Goddess of Democracy” [Listen]

Billy Ray Cyrus PR photo
Photo by Steven J. Bradley/Adkins Publicity

Billy Ray Cyrus is giving country fans a preview of his new album with a patriotic song called “Goddess of Democracy.” The first track made available from his forthcoming project, The SnakeDoctor Circus due out this fall, “Goddess of Democracy” is a song that tackles politics and our freedom.

The singer co-wrote the song with Don Von Tress (“Achy Breaky Heart”) and John Brannen, and the song’s accompanying video is viewed as a history lesson of all the ups and downs of our nation.

“Talk about freedom boys / Wouldn’t you love to have some now / When you gonna make that choice / The golden calf or the sacred cow,” he sings on the chorus.

Billy-Ray-Cyrus-Goddess of Democracy

“This song is about the words, the lyrics, and it really lends itself to one’s own interpretation,” the singer previously told Billboard. “I thought I would put it up for 24 hours on the Fourth of July. It started getting immediate reaction, and we picked up some really incredible reviews of the song. I left it up a little longer based on the response, and then I took it down. I told myself that no matter how it went, I had to take it down. Then, people kept talking about it – wondering when I was going to put it back up.”

The track is now made available as the singer prepares to release his next album. While Billy Ray’s distinct voice and memorable lyrics embody the heart of the song, it’s delicate piano, soaring harmonica and steady percussion accompaniment help flesh out the track. The video itself closes with a quote from Founding Father Samuel Adams that helps bring the singer’s message home.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin,” the quote reads.