Billy Ray Cyrus and Neil Diamond Collaborate at Power of Love Gala

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Billy Ray Cyrus Neil diamond duet at Gala for brain health
Photo by Eugene Dela Cruz, OneSeven Agency

There seems to be no limits to Billy Ray Cyrus’ talent or to the number of people that are enjoying collaborating with the iconic country star. Now, the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer can add the legendary Neil Diamond to his growing list of duet partners.

At the recent Power of Love Gala, Billy Ray and Neil blended voices in a joint performance  to raise money and awareness for the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

However, in typical Billy Ray fashion, he took his love and respect for Neil Diamond’s music up another notch and covered his classic cut, “I Am I Said,” in a new music video, giving it a bit of Kentucky twist and twang.

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Musically, the arrangement feels more acoustic but thickens as traditional country instrumentation ebbs and flows throughout the song. Billy Ray’s voice has never sounded richer in the melody, which showcases a respectable range for the singer as it rolls from the verse to the chorus with a soaring angst.

The visual element of the music video alternates between vignettes of the singer against a stark white background, backstage with friends like Lil Nas X, then on stage performing, and then into the recording studio. It feels as if fans are given the chance to flip through a scrapbook or photo album documenting the recent experiences that Billy Ray has embraced in his life and career.