Here’s the Weirdest Interview of All-Time: Billy Ray Cyrus and Wendy Williams

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You can’t go 5 minutes on the Internet or watching TV without seeing a Billy Ray Cyrus off-spring somewhere or somehow. The Cyrus fam is slowly becoming a more talented and entertaining version of the Kardashians.

Recently, Billy Ray took to “Wendy” to discuss all the things with Wendy Williams. It started off well enough, but it quickly got weird.

First, Wendy asked Billy Ray if he knew where he was. He did.

From there, it just kept going and going and going.

Wendy bounced from Billy Ray’s hair, to his kids, to his marriage and more. It was peppered with strange compliments like, “you’re a very good looking man. So is your wife” and “I love your love.”

Wendy didn’t really know any of the Cyrus kids besides Miley and she didn’t know what network Tish’s show with Brandy is airing on.

After discussing Miley for a spell, Wendy asked, “what do you say if you run into Robin Thicke at the mall?” Billy Ray kind of broke down when thinking about Robin’s dad Alan Thicke and then, it was just over. But, it should’ve been before that.

To end it, Billy Ray just said, “my shirt says ‘Texas.'”