Despite Lip Syncing, Blake Shelton Still Loves Garth Brooks


There has been some drama in the country music industry after Garth Brooks announced that he had lip synced during his CMA performance. Anderson East, backed up by Miranda Lambert, called out the newly minted 2017 CMA Entertainer of the Year for essentially lying to the public onstage. But not everyone agree with them, including Blake Shelton.

Shelton didn’t write a long defense of Garth or call out East and Lambert by name, he simply tweeted his support of Garth.

Garth was in the middle of a grueling stint of shows and was trying to put on the best performance possible.

“We’re in the middle of 12 shows in 10 days. Not 10 shows in 12 days, 12 shows in 10 days,” he said backstage at the CMAs. “We did a game-time call on whether to sing the track or lip-sync, and decided to lip-sync. The voice just isn’t there anymore, and you want to represent country music as best you can.”

Is it better to willingly perform badly for paying fans in order to be true to the situation, or to put on a good show but only go through the motions? Who knows.

But if Anderson East has beef with lip syncing, he’s going to have to wage war against a lot of big artists who are just trying to do right by their fans.