Blake Shelton Knows That The Best Things Happen At Home In His Sexy New Song “At The House”


Some people don’t love going to busy bars, dealing with bouncers, and getting wild in public. Loud bars aren’t the best place for a date, much less so at setting a romantic mood. Sometimes, all you want to do is ditch the party and head back home with your significant other. Blake Shelton‘s new song “At The House”, nails that feeling and, as an introvert, is my new anthem.

Shelton first connected to the track while hanging out at Lake Texoma during the summer.

“There was one week in particular where it was just Gwen and I out there just basically hanging out. We finally had some time off, so we went out on the water every day, went back up to the house every night and just had one of the greatest times of my life,” Shelton shares in a press release. “We were listening to this song and relating to it and realizing, ‘Man, this is one of those summers that we’re always going to remember.'”

The chorus sums up his feeling:

Uh uh, not again/

Let’s get the party started where the party always ends/

Got a yellow back door porch party night/ Got a speaker in the window playing Barry White

You and me out here swayin’, star gazin’/

Gonna bring it back in, break the candles out/

Get the mood turned on and the lights turned out/

Lose a little something black and lacie in the couch at the house.