Blake Shelton Tries and Fails at Hilarious Bottle Cap Challenge


Much like the Tide pod challenge, the ice bucket challenge and many other viral challenges too numerous to name, the bottle cap challenge has taken the internet by storm and celebrities are accepting the challenge.

What is the bottle cap challenge? Well, the idea is to take a bottle, place it down in front of you and do a round off martial arts type of kick, touching only  the cap to make it spin off the top ,without touching the bottle itself.  Why? Well, why not.

The challenge has become such a craze that celebrities like John Mayer, Jason Statham, “Nashville” star Charles Esten, Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Conor McGregor and Ryan Reynolds are trying their hand at it.

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The latest to give the challenge a shot is Blake Shelton. Blake took to Twitter on Wednesday to share is attempt. The “God’s Country” singer followed the trend by placing a Smithworks Vodka bottle with a loosely screwed cap on an outdoor table, and knock the top off with a single ninja- type kick, without knocking the bottle over.

Wait for it…

But in the video footage, Shelton failed at it, knocking the bottle over without even touching the cap. However, Blake’s sense of humor gets him through the failure as he makes fun of himself. He jokingly says, “Oh God, what have I done? What have I done?” as he carries the fallen bottle off in his arms as he runs away exclaiming, “I’m sorry, Smithworks!” Shelton is known for his silly, good nature.

“The Voice” coach went on to name buddy and Voice alum Adam Levine as well as pal Ryan Reynolds, captioning his post with “All yours.”

Ryan Reynolds took his pal Blake up on the challenge, posting his own version of the bottle cap challenge. Ryan’s didn’t go much better than Blake’s. The actor used a bottle of his very own Aviation Gin, a brand in which he has a stake. However, Ryan made a short film about the challenge, that has us feeling sorry for the bottle of Gin.

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As we follow the Gin through different scenarios, the bottle meets up with Ryan, who tries the bottle cap challenge out. Ryan ends up smashing the bottle to pieces and running a way. What a waste of good gin.

At least Blake didn’t break his bottle.