Blake Shelton Opens Up About Close Friends— ” I Hold Them High”

Blake Shelton performing
Photo by Tammie Arroyp/

When your one of country music’s biggest stars, true friends are probably hard to come by. Do they like you for you or are they after your fame and money? Well, Blake Shelton is one of those superstars who can consider himself very lucky to have a few close friends.

In recent interview with People, the 42-year-old is opening up about his friends and how he holds them in high regard, the older he gets.

“I find that as time goes by, my definition of a hero changes,” Blake shares with People. “My heroes have started to become my good friends. You start to find out, the older you get — I guess we all do — that a really good friend is a pretty rare thing to have in your life. That person. I’ve gotta say that the handful of really close friends that I have, those are my heroes. They’re the ones that will just drop everything to be there for you if they need to be. I hold them high.”

One friend that Blake holds high is Earl Thomas Conley, known for his string of ’80s No.1 hits including “Holding Her and Loving You.” Earl helped Blake write his second single “All Over Me,” but it was way before that Blake admired the hitmaker.

“I always loved Earl Thomas Conley, but it wasn’t until I was about 18 that I really started to appreciate what a great singer he was,” Blake said in 2014 after giving a shout out to ETC from the stage at the 2014 CMA Awards, where he took home male vocalist of the year.

I noticed Earl Thomas Conley had never won that award. I don’t know, it struck me,” Blake told the magazine. “I just assumed that surely he must have, because he’s my favorite he has to be the winner right? That night I happened to win male vocalist of the year and so I mentioned his name on stage and dedicated the award to him. He’s just an incredible vocalist and, I feel like, underrated.”

That’s what friends are for.