12 Blake Shelton GIFs That Accurately Describe Situations Every 30-Something Single Guy Has Experienced

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Blake Shelton may be the most confident and odd people in country, which, strangely enough, is generally how single guys in their 30’s feel. We have gotten our lives together, mostly, and know what we are looking for, we just haven’t gotten around to getting married. In the south, that’s kinda odd. So, in a way, we are like Blake Shelton. We are all Blake Shelton.

12 Blake Shelton GIFs That Accurately Describe Situations Every 30-Something Single Guy Has Experienced:

1. Knowing that you’ve figured out life and your body is a machine that you are in complete control of.

2. “Who needs to go to the gym more?”

3. “We’re going to start eating healthy around here: gluten-free, no beer, no dairy, lots of quinoa and kale…”

4. “Fine, what do you want to eat?”

5. When your buddy’s wife says it’s ok if y’all have a guys night out on a weeknight.

6. What you know your 20-year old self thinks of your current drinking/sleeping habits.

7. When you hear that Home Depot is having a sale on those power tools you’ve had your eye on for the last couple of weeks.

8. Right after you tell a 20-something you were the best dancer in your fraternity.

9. Preparing to go to a party where you are the only single person.

10. Those times when you bring a date, proving to your married friends that you are not a lost cause and that, yes, your girlfriend is real.

11. How your married friends react to your dating failures.

12. But this is how you honestly feel.