Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Sparkle in New Video For “Nobody But You”


Blake Shelton has just released the music video for “Nobody But You” and it’s everything that fans of him and Gwen Stefani have been waiting for. Oh, and if you’re a fan of Blake’s dog, Betty, you’ll be pretty happy, too.

The video, directed by Sophie Muller, features the couple in different set-ups that seem to embody what we imagine real life is like between the city mouse and the country mouse. At times they are high glam in suits and sequins and at others, they are down-home in jeans and tees. The background swings from the bright lights of the city in their rear window to the dirt roads and lakes of Oklahoma. The couple also shares their sweet and silly side sharing fries in a café booth, then getting cozy with Betty on a rich leather couch.

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There’s also plenty of innocent smooching between the two, but more than anything it shows that no matter how different they are on the surface, at the root, they’re both very genuine, very devoted, and very much in love.

I don’t want to live without you. / I don’t want to even breathe. / I don’t want to dream about you. / Wanna wake up with you next to me. / I don’t wanna go down any other road now, / I don’t wanna love nobody but you. / Looking in your eyes now if I had to die now, / I don’t wanna love nobody but you,” they sing in the chorus.

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Blake told  Nashville Lifestyles, “The lyrics of that song are so on point, not just for me and Gwen, but I think for a lot of people. The song is not a fairytale, but at the same time it’s the most epic, earth-rattling love song I’ve heard in a long time because the lyrics are so honest and just say it how it is.”