Blake Shelton Just Named Gwen Stefani An Official Adopted Oklahoman, So Things Are Getting Pretty Serious

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I don’t know for sure how it works to make someone an adopted citizen of a state, but I would imagine it just takes a tip of the hat from one resident to get the job done. Which is kind of what Blake Shelton did for Gwen Stefani.

In a rare post to Instagram, Blake shared a photo of a number of arrowheads that Gwen found and said, “Hey @gwenstefani it’s official… with your arrowhead finding eye you are now an adopted Okie!!!” He also threw in, ” Side note: I love you pretty girl… ”

Oklahoma has grown up some of the biggest entertainers in country musicGarth Brooks, Reba, Carrie Underwood, and Vince Gill just to name a few, but only one of them still resides in Oklahoma and that’s Blake. So, I think he has enough pull to say she’s official. Also, Gwen owns more camo than any of those other Okies combined these days, so there’s that fact, too.