Blake Shelton Was Teaching Gwen Stefani’s Son How to Drive and He “Took Off Like a Maniac Into The Middle of the Frozen Pond”

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Last fall, Gwen Stefani told Marie Claire, that when she and her sons Kingston, Apollo and Zuma head to Oklahoma, “We cook and get muddy and dirty. There are ATV’s. Being a mother of three boys, it’s kind of the perfect place.” She also told Chelsea Handler that Oklahoma and Blake Shelton were a bit of a culture shock at first, but it looks like they’ve finally adjusted to the good life in God’s country.

After Gwen, Blake and the boys spent Christmas morning in LA, they loaded up and headed to Blake’s ranch near Lake Texoma and Tishomingo, Oklahoma for some good ol’ fashioned, freezing family fun. And like any tweenage boy, Kingston, was able to get behind the wheel of Blake’s truck for a little driving tutorial that didn’t end as well as one would hope.

In a series of videos posted on Instagram, Gwen shared that maybe Kingston, 11, was behind the wheel of Blake’s truck and maybe he got it stuck in the mud. Or maybe Blake did it and he blamed it on Kingston.

As Gwen asked Blake what happened, he said, “I was teaching Kingston how to drive and he just took off driving like a maniac into the frozen pond.” In the background, Kingston says, “I did not do that!” But, it’s hard to know.

In another video, Gwen asks if Blake actually did it, but no one answers.

And finally, they got the truck out of the frozen mud. Which meant Kingston could explore the muddy tracks that ended up being pretty deep.

Gwen also shared a video of herself and Blake daring the frozen pond together, which brings us to Gwen’s camo attire. Blake, you’ll notice, has on his hunting gear. Gwen is wearing a parka from her L.A.M.B + Burton collection that will run you about $350. The pattern is new for this year, which leads one to believe it was a little bit BS inspired.