Blake Shelton’s Video For “I Lived It” Is A Walk Down Memory Lane

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What is it that makes your childhood home so wonderful? It’s less about the place and the structures than the memories made there. The big oak tree in the front yard is important because you used to climb it every day after school. The house, which you may not want to live in today, is so good looking because every one of your childhood memories is there. In the same way, Oklahoma is the most beautiful place in the world to Blake Shelton because he grew up there and he wraps all that nostalgia into the video for his new release “I Lived It.”

In the video, Shelton strolls through his old backyard, past the creek where he learned to fish, and into an old barn where he baled hay all while pictures of his childhood pass across the screen. We watch him live the second half of his chorus:

Just taking my mind on a visit
Back in time ’cause I miss it
You wouldn’t know to love it like I love it
Unless you lived it
And man, I lived it

The only issue I have with the video is the very actor-y childhood versions of Shelton. It’s not because they are bad actors, it’s just that we know what Shelton looked like.

How can you cast a kid without a mullet to play young Blake Shelton? I feel duped.