Somebody Drove a Truck Into Blake Shelton’s Lake House While He Was Promoting His New Album

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Blake Shelton is wrapping up a week in New York, promoting his new album Texoma Shore, with an appearance on “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.”

The Oklahoma native talked about many things with the co-hosts, including what he does when in New York, his childhood days spent in pageants (yes, Blake’s mom made him enter pageants for singing) and spending time with girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

But what was different about this appearance, was that while Blake was sitting in the guest chair, a truck was sitting inside his lake house.

“This is a weird moment for me because, so I’m talking about Texoma Shore and I made the album at my lake house—there’s a studio at my lake house in Oklahoma—and I just got a phone call that somebody drove their truck through the front of my lake house,” Blake said in the middle of the interview. “So if this album doesn’t hit, then that’s bad luck. I gotta pay for my lake house. I’m trying to figure it out. There’s a truck sticking out of the front of my freaking house. I gotta sell some records now for sure.”

To which Ryan responds, “You should really go check on that Blake.”

But alas, the singer has insurance and a few bucks in his pocket, so all will be OK for Blake and his lake house.

Texoma Shore, which features Blake’s current single, “I’ll Name the Dogs,” and tracks “At The House,” “Turnin’ Me On,” and “I Lived It,” is out today.